SatinTech MS™

SatinTech MS™ is a software solution that allows you to create an automated monitoring environment for your design and delivery practices. Now you can quickly create multiple cheklists as a reflection of your quality processes, link these checklists to your design flow, and produce fact-based, automated dashboards in real time, as you work, by application of one or several checklists to your current project.

With Checklist Editor, you can create checklists in minutes, by gathering individual Quality Criteria (or QCs) for simultaneous assessment e.g., for a given engineering step at a given maturity level. When the QCs you need are not pre-existing, you can create them on the fly, make them self-assessable and define verdict rules.

Fig. 1 - Checklist Editor

Fig. 2 - Dashboard Composer™

Fact-based dashboards are displayed by applying a checklist (or several) to a design project. A simple click on the "compute" button will ensure that the dashboard is up-to-date. With Dashboard Composer™, you can compose and inspect dashboards in different modes (such as list or grid), and you create snapshots at your convenience. Many features are offered to make monitoring progress very easy (summary charts, filters, waiving, etc ...)

Over the net sharing of dashboards is a built-in capability. It is optimized in terms of traffic so that collaboration between designers is not limited by those engineers working from distant sites. Exporting reports in your own predefined format is also an option.

Design decisions based on inaccurate or outdated reporting can seriously impact quality and time to market. Adopt SatinTech MS™, and enable smart decision making at all engineering levels.

  • Highlight potential issues before they impact your bottom line
  • Implement full traceability from unsatisfactory QCs up to the root issue
  • Make design reviews more productive and reliable by fostering communication between all participants
  • Step from one checklist to another and stay aligned with methodology changes at no additional overheads to the engineers